Screensavers from CritterImages Productions

Screensavers are truly wonderful little programs that were originally developed to keep images from "burning into" your monitor when the computer was left idle for long periods of time. Although this problem is less likely with today's new
monitors, the screen saver still serves an important function in entertaining your household pets and less intelligent relatives.

The CritterSavers below were created from images captured on various trips around Costa Rica. To load the saver of your choice into your computer just click on one of the buttons and follow the instructions as they pop up. When you select a screensaver, you have the option of "open" or "save" If you choose "open" the saver will be installed to your computer If you pick "save" the exe file is downloaded to a place you choose on the hard drive of your computer and can be installed from that place by clicking on the exe file. Depending upon the whimposity of your browser, you may get warnings about what might happen if you download an EXE file, including (but not limited to) immediate or eventual insanity, a strange and irresistable compulsion to watch "Gilligan's Island" reruns and the downfall of the entire Western Civilization. Be not afraid, this is not a virus and insanity is a highly underrated state of existance.




All Images © Phil Slosberg/
CritterImage Productions 2009