Are you tired of sending out the same old E Mails??  Well, here is a chance to spice up your cybercorrespondence by adding some new stationery for your e mail program. These were designed to use in Outlook and Outlook express.  In order to use these on your computer, pick out a pattern from below by clicking on the thumbnail of the tile and you will be taken to the sample page for that tile. The sample page lets you see what the stationery will look like in your e mail and tells you how to create that stationery on your computer, how to locate the "stationery" folder on your computer and how to download the image tile into that folder. These also make nice backgrounds for html pages.


     Volcano   Glasswing   Sloth


   Puffball     Jacana  Fer-de-Lance





All Images Phil Slosberg/
CritterImage Productions 2009