In order to download this pattern to the "stationery" folder on your computer, right click on any open area of this page. Choose the "save background as" option from the drop down list that appears.   Save the tile into a folder on your computer that is called "stationery". You will find this file under  Program Files; Common Files; Microsoft Shared; Stationery

Once the tile has been loaded into the stationery folder, open up your outlook express and select the "Create" option and a window pops up for writing e mails. One of the options is "format" and click on that. Next click on "apply stationery" and then click on "more stationery" at the bottom of the drop down list. Click the "create new" button on the bottom right and let the wizard direct you to create a new stationery using the image you have downloaded. When you hit the "browse" button you will see a list of all the tiles in the stationery folder and the image you downloaded from this CD should be in that list.




If you have any problems with this process, give Bill Gates a call at home and I'm sure he will be happy to talk you through it


This stationery was created from an image of the Arenal Volcano and manipulated with Photoshop 7.01

Copyright Phil Slosberg 2009
CritterImage Productions