LAST UPDATE: 9/05/09

Hola from the Observatory Lodge in the San Carlos region of Northern Costa Rica. The weather is bringing much rain to the area as repeated tropical waves move from Africa across the Atlantic an then across Panama and Costa Rica on their way to the Pacific. September and October are usually good months in Arenal with clear mornings, thunderstorms in the afternoons and clear nights....perfect for volcano viewing! The Arenal volcano has been quite active with a huge pyroclastic eruption on July 7 and intermittent eruptions and lava flows since then. For a look at some of the action, head for the Observatory Lodge Volcano Pages. Nesting season is almost over, having begun in March. There is still a new hummingbird nest in the back yard with two, tiny white rufus tail hummingbird eggs. The incubation will take about two weeks and the chicks will remain in the nest until they fledge about three weeks later. Mom bird certainly has her work cut out.

After a long period of benign neglect, the CritterImages web site will be undergoing a complete renovation over the next few weeks. The rainy season is always a great time to catch up on computer chores. As the changes are uploaded bit by bit, there will undoubtedly be errors and mysterious computer quirks, so bear with us....I think that you will enjoy the final result.

Phillip Slosberg.
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